-- My Punishment Posting --

Kate Sat, December 18, 2010 - 12:38 PM by Kate

Per my Dom Daddy's command, and as part of my punishment training that has begun today, i've been ordered to post here on Tribe.

He would love to know what you all think of my punishment and whether more strict action is needed.

First, i should say that how i have been behaving is unacceptable. i love my husband more than anything in this world. He is truly the greatest choice for a mate, partner and father that i could have ever, ever been lucky enough to have love me and want to make a life with me. No matter what i do that may be naughty or disobedient or challenging, i have never wanted to please or take care of ANYONE the way i do him.

i've been talking back and being argumentative a lot, but mostly i have been questioning his authority (although he's never given me reason to - i married him because he was the only man i'd ever been with who is both smarter and stronger than me). Yesterday, not a half an hour after he forbade me from doing so, i blatantly disobeyed him and did exactly the thing he warned me not to do.

Now, before today my Daddy has been strict but fair and never likes to have to punish me too severely. He loves me and the old saying is very true for him, that "it hurts me more than it does you". i offered a very sincere and lengthy apology to him last night and was granted a reprieve from the ass whipping i should have gotten. This morning, however, i was again acting bratty and dragged my feet for over two hours before making the family breakfast. Daddy asked me what was wrong and i finally came clean with him, telling him that i'm just happiest and most motivated when i'm on punishment or restriction. i was quite bold as "i told him" that i was just going to get more challenging and more disobedient unless he really cracked down and was totally strict with me until i learned my place and how to please him without the measures needed now. He agreed and after he ordered me downstairs to make breakfast came down with the things that would change the course of my days from this one on...

Daddy put the collar around my neck as i protested and fastened it tight. The matching leash was attached and i thought for sure he'd take that off so i could do my chores but he told me that is to stay attached, too. i was still acting a bit fresh when i asked him what would happen if i took it off ... He looked at me very seriously and told me that i'd be confined to the floor of our home that our bedroom is on -with NO tv or computer priveleges and that if i disobeyed that he'd be forced to tie me up and leave me to myself all day; even needing to call him to carry me to the bathroom when the need arose. i started trembling then and, although my heart was racing and between my thighs began to dampen, i knew i'd likely pushed him far enough this time that he wouldn't back down for all the world now... Of course, because my behind isn't at all smarting i dug myself further into the hole with my smart mouth by asking him what would happen if i snuck out or away from the house - he told me that the same would happen as if i'd taken off my collar, but called our 10 year old Gia into the kitchen and handed her the keys to the Mercedes. He told her she was in charge of them at night and to give them to him during the day when she was at school. To add yet another measure to the collar humiliation, he went back to our closet and took down the slave bells that hang on "Princess' Punishment Wall" - he got a fastener and now they're hanging from my collar, as well. He will know wherever i am in the house at all times; and, most importantly, if i try to sneak out of bed during the night without permission.

Daddy has informed me that the training i have in store for me tonight is beyond my imagining. While i am scared and feeling much more contrite than i thought i would at his complete and utter control of me, my love and admiration for him has now, this day, deepened to a level that i hadn't even forseen.

i know that everyone here understands what i mean when i say that i am so proud to have this man love me and care enough to ensure i'm correctly and completely trained to his will and whim.

i hope he will so thoroughly enjoy extracting my utter compliance that soon i will wonder in amazement just how he keeps surprising and impressing me each day more - as he's always done as the mate, partner and parent that i cannot live without.

i'm sure i will be forced to post photos of my training and punishments, also. Daddy so loves to look at pictures. i dream wistfully of his seeing the overwhleming adoration i feel in my eyes as he does so...

As he undertakes what could be the most challenging project of his life <g>, i hope he knows that i will do ANYTHING he commands and will try to take my punishment like a good girl, too. i hope he will know that -when i have been good, and- when he does reward me with an early cigarette, or a later bedtime ... or a romantic night or lovemaking session, that it will mean so, so much to me; and, i will show my gratitude by taking care of him and his every need and want with all my heart...

Thank you for reading .... and, thank you, Daddy --- for making all my dreams come true. All i ever wanted for Christmas was you... being your gorgeous, incredible, brilliant (and devilishly creative!) self ... i LOVE you!!!!!

Until the next punishment posting,
[a very nervous, scared but happier than i've ever been in my whole entire life]
kate ~xo

Re: -- My Punishment Posting --

David Wed, December 22, 2010 - 11:54 AM by David

The punishment seems a little light to me. But, I am sure your Dom knows best. I would say that in order to cure a smart mouth, perhaps a ball gag worn all day will help you remember when you should and shouldnt open your mouth.

Re: -- My Punishment Posting --

The Navigator Thu, December 23, 2010 - 1:18 AM by The Nav...

Excellent idea, David. Personally I'd add bondage, securing one hand with tape to the thigh. One handed all day, unable to argue, or even defend herself adequately when she does find a way to protest her displeasure.
And a suitable task, like clearing the backyard. Dress to her masters choice, additional instructions by phone during the day.
Any 'Fails' will add a day to her entrapment time!

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Kate Thu, December 23, 2010 - 12:08 PM by Kate

Hahaha ... you DO realize it's WINTER here in the mountains!! Clearing the backyard? Don't think so... Maybe if I accidentally set it on FIRE or something! LOL ...

No, Daddy does all those kind of domestic chores ... and ball gags and bondage are for PLAYERS and/or SEX, not for DOMESTIC punishment!!

In that vein, since the offense was sexual and about my "sneaking" off to do things i shouldn't be doing, that's why collaring me and tying me up to sleep were necessary ~ it was still done perfectly domestically as only my brilliant Daddy can do, though ...

He's since taken my collar off ... <pout> ... It makes me sad and i'm shocked that i feel that way about it, really. It was like Daddy's hand around my throat when he's inside me ... like last night... so amazingly ... amazing!

Thank you both for your replies and input though!! Just keep in mind when suggesting for me/us that it's all about the Domestic ...

Have a super day!!

PS - i do like the idea of tying one hand somehow, though.... and maybe some duck tape over my mouth... LOL... Daddy sure does get pissed when I whine too much!!

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Thu, December 23, 2010 - 12:32 PM by Unsubsc...


Re: -- My Punishment Posting --

Kate Thu, December 23, 2010 - 12:57 PM by Kate

uh - oh....


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Leather Sat, December 25, 2010 - 9:56 PM by Leather

I think you should be punished by scrubbing the floor in you bathroom and kitchen through using your mouth to hold the brush. Meanwhile your Domme is fucking you while you are scrubbing away!

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Kate Sun, December 26, 2010 - 11:27 AM by Kate

LIttle brats (especially princess ones) don't scrub floors ... y'all are crazy.


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Leather Thu, December 30, 2010 - 11:04 AM by Leather

Oh, are we giving Daddy too many ideas for you, Princess????

My Last Post ....

Kate Thu, December 30, 2010 - 6:08 PM by Kate

No. i'm not going to presume ever again that Daddy needs any ideas at all. Without even realizing it, i have done, and have been, horrible ...

i've forgotten everything i've ever known about this dynamic and in my overwhelming happiness at having found the life i've always dreamed of, inadvertently and totally messed things up.

i'm not going to be posting (or even saying anything here at home) about ANYTHING unless and until Daddy tells me to.

All i will say is that i'm so terribly sorry that i didn't just shut up and do what i was told.

i miss him so much i can't breathe.

All i can do is swear and promise that if Daddy gives me another chance i will never, ever, ever say another word about anything ever again.

i've had enough time to reflect on everything he's said to me. i hope that we can work it out somehow and that he'll give me another chance to let him make it fun and enjoyable for him by doing anything he wants, how HE wants it. Not how i *think* it should be.

i've always said that i will be anything and everything he could ever want me to be ... but this is the one thing i can't help but be.
i hope with all my heart that i can find a way to be that and make him happy at the same time.

i will let him do and create anything and everything that we do. i won't suggest, whine or argue about anything he does or doesn't do ever, ever again ...

Well, as i've said, even if you guys post to this or whatever, this will be my last posting here on Tribe unless Daddy commands me to do so.

While i miss the photo postings and my writing stories and punishment accountings, more than anything i miss Daddy's love and affection and being able to make him proud of me by doing whatever it is he wants me to do and pleasing him in whatever way he desires.

i've said it before and i'll say it again: i have never loved anyone the way i love and respect this man. i don't want to ever do anything that would disappoint or upset him in a way that couldn't be remedied via this dynamic or in a way that would hurt our partnership or marriage.

So ... until next, please everyone have a happy new year.

kate ~