Spanked bare bottom by my wife's mom

topic posted Mon, October 31, 2011 - 6:46 PM by  Bart
I have been subjected to severe bare bottom spankings from my mother in law. I have been trying to find others who may have had similar experiences. This is a topic that has been troubling me for years. My wife's mom established early on that she felt I was rude and very disrespectful. After asking about my upbringing she informed me and my wife and her sisters that I had not learned important lessons growing up and that she was going to teach me some manners. After giving me some really unpleasant options like being excluded from family activities I agreed to go along with her "solution". My wife and her sisters warned me but I really didn't get the full idea of what she had in mind. Now I never thought of myself as wimpy or submissive. My mother in law was and is a lot bigger than me. She asked me to follow her and I did.long story fairly short she explained that she was going to give me the spanking I should have gotten growing up. I thought this was pretty weird but as a grown man I didn't think it more than a little weird and embarrassing . It never occurred to me that she intended to take my pants and underware down! She absolutely blistered my backside leaving me black and blue for several days. This has happened several times and threatens to go public with stories of how she has spanked me. I admit that while these were really awful at the time that after the fact I have found the idea of being spankec by older strict women has really become a desire. This said I don't like not having a choice and my mother in law does not give me a safe word or hear my pleas.
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    Tue, November 1, 2011 - 1:13 PM
    My partner thinks if you have a tendency to be rude and disrespectful you need to be punished and the bare bottom spankings your Mother in Law administers are well deserved. I am inclined to agree. However, perhaps you could ask if your wife might share or take over disciplinary matters? This might introduce more of a sexual element for you. I start all my smack-bottoms with an erection but I have to say it always subsides as the punishment unfolds and my Mistress never listens to my pleas either. My bottom continues to be blistered long after I've started to blub.
    May I ask whether you are aroused before or during or is it just after your spankings that you are turned on by the idea? Also, how are you spanked? OTK, bent down, both? And what instruments does your Mother-in-Law use? I'm assuming given how severe you say she is that she doesn't use her hand. My partner has extremely firm hands but even she can't break me without her trusty slipper, brushes and canes. Finally what does your wife think about all this and do you think your Mother -in law enjoys punishing you?
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      Sat, November 12, 2011 - 8:11 PM
      In all but one case she has spanked me over her knee with a wooden paddle. On one occasion she used a leather strap and had me over the back of the sofa. I have never had an erection before during or after. I am more than a little scared by her. My wife thinks I am silly for exposing myself to her mom more than once. Neither of us think there is any sexual overtone. I have no doubt that she gets some satisfaction out of being able to over power me. Humiliation is a part of this as she has had me stand in the corner with my pants around my ankles warning that if I move or touch my behind she will blister me again. My wife has on many occasions threatened me with calling her mom, at this point I will do almost anything to avoid another session. My mil is now in her 60s but as far as I can tell she is just as strong as she was 20 years ago. Any sexual dynamic attached to spanking is lost on my wife. Frankly I knew nothing of this kind of thing at the time of the first hiding. Subsequently I have done a lot of searching the web to find out how unusual my predicament is . I see there are men who find this sexual but I don't know how many of these men have actually had this kind of discipline. It really hurts.
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        Thu, December 15, 2011 - 8:59 AM
        The fact you are not really aroused means you are being genuinely punished. That is in some ways very good but otherwise your situation concerns me. My partner keeps punishment very seperate from sex these days and my erection at the start of discipline sessions is either point-blank ignored or commented upon as inappropriate. Either way is rather humiliating for me and she is always very serious, cross and makes the smacking functional and purposeful. By the end of all punishments, even the shorter on-the-spot -slipperings or hand smackings, I am never properly aroused and I'm truly sorry for my misbehaviour. Cornertime for me is the same as you; I have to stand very still with my hands on my head or I get told off and possibly more smacks. I feel my partner's strict, vigilant attitude, high standards and firm punishments gets the best out of me and makes out relationship so much stronger. We are also much closer and more in love since she seperated discipline from all sexual activity. I feel very safe and looked after and she feels much happier when firmly in control. The more submissive, obedient and well behaved I am the more she loves me and the more I love her. What concerns me about your set-up is it seems to have very little to do with love and making a relationship work. In fact, I rather fear you are merely the victim of your Mother in Law's need to control, dominate and punish men. If she has these needs they should be channelled in a more appropriate manner. She could actually earn very good, and legal, money spanking men if she wants to do so. You should only submit to her if you think it helps you behave and improves your marriage. It must be consensual. I wouldn't want anyone but my partner disciplining me now, within the loving framework we've created, and I certainly wouldn't let her Mother anywhere near my bare backside.
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    Tue, April 3, 2012 - 1:33 AM
    Bart, I was absolutely fascinated upon hearing of your experiences. Despite the severity bothering me somewhat, I find it fascinating when I hear of F/M spanking from a mature matron. This has always been a fascination for me. However I must say that other accounts I've heard were somewhat different, and many have been boyhood experiences from a mature woman.

    I would hope that your mother in law would take great satisfaction in pinioning your bared posterior over her knee and seeing you in such an upended posture of reception. But I would hope that she would temper her force and go for more length or duration. Believe me, there is nothing more embarrassing and yet amazing for a fit man to be spanked half naked by an older women OTK, with your fanny in the air, and legs spread.

    Has any other mature matrons warmed your bottom other than your MIL??
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    Thu, April 19, 2012 - 8:16 AM
    That is very hot! My ex mother in law and ex wife used to spank me with a leather belt for the same reason my mom punished me. When I was disciplined by my mother when I was growing up was because I talked back to her or didn't do what she wanted me to do or had a hardon. She would use a leather strap on my bare bottom. I'm not sure who enjoyed this more, my mother or me. Even when I was in my thirties my mom would ask me if I've had a hardon since the last visit and of coarse I would tell her the truth that I did and then she would have me strip naked in front of her and have me bend over the back of a chair and then she would use her leather strap on me until my butt and back of my thighs had welts. The combination of my mother spanking me and the stinging made me hard and she would spank me harder longer until I cum and got soft. This was the same with my ex wife and her mother.
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    Mon, June 4, 2012 - 7:59 PM
    Good re the safe word. SHE decides when you have been punished enough and a lack of manners deserves this. Be thankful for the instruction. I suppose that if you fancied it, at times, you could always ask Her for a spanking or thrashing (after seeking and getting the approval of your Wife) BUT when it comes to punishment you take (and gatefully too) what you deserve. Understood. (No, it is NOT a question).

    Spankings??????? Rather mild efforts I would say.
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    Sun, October 28, 2012 - 4:01 PM
    I have to say that this violates the SSC code.

    Your married your wife, not her mother. Yet you are expected to submit for punishment as though she is your Domina???? NO. How 'bout hell no? Would you bend over for any and everyone who wanted to take a whack at your backside in a dungeon or fetish club?

    Add to it the emotional blackmail and coercion that has taken this from kinky fun and safe play to something that crosses the lines of abuse.

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