What Daddy did to me last night ..........

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Mmmmmm... Last night was SOOOOOO amazing and awesome that i just HAD to post about it.

i've been so bad this past week. So much so that for four days i was completely denied all of my Daddy's sweet giving of pleasure (except for the honored privelege of his beautiful cock in my mouth for HIS pleasure :)

Well, i made sure that Daddy wouldn't be able to resist me one more night ~ no matter how upset with my behavior he was.

i took extra special care to do my hair and make-up extra pretty and, while he relaxed the day's cares away in the jacuzzi, made our bed and put on the little, black lace see through nighty that fits me like a glove (sorry guys, pics next time).

Well, it must have been just the right combination of how i looked and how long it had been, but i saw that rare side of my Daddy that i live for and when he came in he made me lay back on the bed, legs spread wide open so my smooth, bare little pussy was completely accessible and unprotected to whatever Daddy wanted to do.

He started by touching my already hard little clit teasingly and, admittedly, torturously. i wasn't allowed to touch him just yet and could only lay there writhing in delicious agony. i guess i was doing a bit too much writhing and whimpering because Daddy started to play with my now wet pussy a little more vehemently. i saw the look in his eye go from teasing and pleased to determined and serious, so i just tried to lay there and take whatever his was about to dish out. He made me put my hand on his ever hardening cock and couldn't help remarking what a hungry little whore i was. i wanted to speak, to explain, but all i could do was moan under his powerful caresses.

Not knowing whether for his pleasure or my punishment at being the insatiable slut that i am, i squeezed my eyes shut tight and stiffened in anticipation of what i knew was next ... Daddy's even lightest smacks making the utmost impression on my slick and naked pussy. He started spanking me there. i didn't protest and i didn't cry. i just told myself that i was likely getting off (no pun intended) easy for how terribly bratty i'd been. Even having the nerve to complain about things when in reality i am luckier than any girl has ever been fortunate to be.

Since it had never happened before, i didn't know what to do when i felt my orgasm growing stronger with each spank. As my lips and clit swelled and hardened, respectively, and i got closer with each soft crack of Daddy's hand, it was only the fear of what would happen if i *did* orgasm without permission that prevented it at all.

i was grateful when Daddy grabbed me behind the neck and lifted me, pushing my head down between his kneeling legs. i took his cock in my mouth as deeply as it would go. i would have even if he wasn't forcing me to throat it all and keep it there. i was just getting to the part where i feel Daddy getting close to allowing me his luscious cum to drink when he again pushed me on the bed and lay next to me. He drove his cock hard into my waiting and wanting pussy and started fucking me as he pleased. i wasn't sure just how much i was allowed to enjoy it, but i couldn't help myself moaning loudy with each aggressive thrust deep into me.

i realized that my enjoyment was a complete, lovely inconsideration when Daddy's strong hand made its way around my throat. i groaned louder and harder as his grip tightened with each thrust, wanting him to know how much i loved and appreciated his any sexual attention. i tried harder and harder to meet Daddy's thrusts deep inside me with the tightening of my now dripping cunt around his impaling member. i didn't care who else heard my screams as i stopped counting my cums after a dozen or so. Just as i was about to explode onto his pounding cock one more time, Daddy grabbed the back of my neck again and ordered me to clean the cum off his throbbing cock and full balls with adoring and grateful licks of my tongue. i have to admit to the best part being his authoritative (yet loving as only Daddy can do) smacking of my face when my lips didn't find his cock fast enough or when i hestitated or cowered in fear of what was next to come.

i think Daddy intended to make me realize just how grateful i should be for his complete attention as hours of his fucking me, then making me worship his cock, then fucking me again drove me insane with lust and overwhelmed with me the need to submit as completely and totally as i ever possibly could.

When the last round of fucking me began i thought i would soon die if Daddy didn't let me orgasm as his balls, thighs, belly, every part continued slamming into my clit as his cock rammed in me as deep and far as it would go. When his hand left my throat and took a mind-blowing grip of my hair as he filled me with his cum once more, i thought for sure i'd be allowed my final release and explosion of pleasure.

It wasn't to be, however, as before the last sweet drop of cum overflowed from me, i found my mouth once again sucking the last bit of juice from Daddy's cock.

He left me lay there as he smoked and had his coffee. In a moment he'd be sending me trembling and light-headed down to the kitchen for a fresh cup. My head spun as i couldn't believe he still wouldn't let me finish. While i probably shouldn't say this as i'm sure he's going to read this and then today's fifth day may horribly turn into six, i couldn't help but love and adore him more for that very denial...

When i came back upstairs, i brazenly suggested that maybe Daddy should let me choose where he deposited his next hot load of cum. He was a little surprised when i suggested that he fuck my tight asshole, him being the only one that ever has and my only having been introduced to that over the Summer ... He wasn't so surprised when i suggested that he should fuck my tight asshole...hard.

Being Daddy's favorite, i knew he'd agree and he obliged me by ordering me over the pile of pillows i'd created as i frantically grabbed at whatever was in reach on the bed as that relay race of using me had commenced just a little while earlier. i didn't need to be told twice, but did find myself a very grateful little girl when Daddy chose to ease himself in until his smooth and soft balls rested lightly against my pulsating clit, instead of just raping my ass like he does when i'm punished.

The gentle claiming of that most private part lasted only until i began quietly moaning into the bed covers. Once that began Daddy did also, thrusting himself in to the hilt over and over and over again. He completely emptied himself until i was now full of cum and feeling it drip from both my pussy and my ass. As i lay there heaving, and as Daddy wiped himself clean, i heard him issue what he had promised before we began... to send me back to the kitchen for more coffee with cum dripping from my ass, too...

One of the things that makes my Daddy the best Daddy i've ever had or ever could dream of, is that when he says i'm not going to be allowed *my* pleasure because i've been bad (and turning up the jacuzzi heater without permission until it was boiling and no one could use it is pretty bad) he means it. Even though i pout and sulk and stomp that it's not fair (not when he's around, of course!) he makes me do my whole punishment.

When i came up with his coffee and knelt beside him, hoping with all my heart that he'd let me touch myself finally and feel that wracking orgasm course through my whole body from head to toe as i dreamed of being across Daddy's lap with my panties down around my knees as he scolds and spanks me, i thought i'd been enough of a good girl ~ and sufficiently put back in my place ~ that my denial would end.

Instead, Daddy informed me that he would be shooting one last load of cum ~ this time all over my naked body ~ as i lay beneath him tonguing his asshole while he watched girls fucking each other on the tv.

Oooh, i was so mad... but not really. After how amazing Daddy had been, making me shake with ecstasy and tremble violently with each incredible penetration, i decided instead to make it the best cum of Daddy's night for him.

Even though i acted pouty and mad, i think Daddy knows by now that i love EVERYTHING he does (or doesn't do) to me and that doing my two, okay three, favorite things ... slapping me and pulling my hair and grabbing my throat, meant there was nothing i could or would ever, ever deny him ~ even if i could.

He ordered me to lay beneath him and, next to raping my ass, i began doing to thing that makes me feel most owned and controlled (and hot, too!)... i tongue fucked Daddy's asshole as he slapped my face with his hanging balls and shot the biggest, hottest, load all over my quaking belly and bare mound as i spread my legs wider and wider hoping just a few hot drops would hit my aching clit.

After i'd cleaned myself up and sucked the last drops from Daddy's cock as i cleaned it with my mouth, Daddy ordered me to shut the tv and go to sleep. He'd definitely worn me out and i was grateful for the rest.

i don't know how well fucked the other brats are on here, but i just had to post about how well taken i am by my hot Daddy.

Thank you for the most awesome night Daddy... i love you.
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