The Brat

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ok tribe... there are enough of us here to have some discussions going, and yet this place has been dead for days and days now.

i was hoping that people would start to introduce themselves and that topics would be brought up that would only spur more members to speak up. no such luck.

so i will throw this concept out there:

The Brat

What is her motivation?
How best to deal with her?
Is she endearing or annoying?

as always, the satiably curious, spankee :)

*please note, my use of 'her' and 'she' are not meant to be exclusionary
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    Re: The Brat

    Mon, June 27, 2005 - 4:49 PM
    your motivation is to get attention
    I just throw you over my knee and spank the brattiness right outta you
    it is endearing when you do it... to a point.
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      Re: The Brat

      Tue, June 28, 2005 - 4:36 PM
      And apparently even playful brattiness earns me a playful spanking...

      For being *a bit* argumentative, i just received thirty whacks with my favorite paddle.


      Thank You Sir, photo posted as per Your request.
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    Re: The Brat

    Mon, June 27, 2005 - 10:42 PM
    I will ask that my Sir also reply to this post- lol - I am sure his perspective is what is being sought but i would like to say from my end - lol again.It seems to fancy my Sir that the backside is the best target.....

    Well I will get over myself and continue.The question to start was motivation.Why i brat or turn into one. Hmmm many times I dont like what I am hearing ,manytimes I falsley place myself in a postion of ego,I am right u know- ,or I feel I must in someway retaliate to protect myself .Note -I am not saying I am right here I am just saying why it happens- why I brat.Heck sometimes I just like to push things a bit to see and well I admit to test ...This is usually not smart..............

    The second question was how to deal with me- ikes. Good God sometimes I just get wolloped.There are times when my Sir will make me talk and lecture me,he loves me enough to find out where the motivation is.
    Thankyou for patience my Sweet Sir.
    My Sir is also an elephant in that he does not forget but he will forgive.Sometimes all i just need is a good hug and an attitude adjustment.Be that physical or mental.

    The third question was is she endearing or annoying.
    I am not sure if i can answer that for myself. Well Sir Carl my sweet dear Sir I will just ask you to add your opinion because I think i can be annoying and frustrating at times ,I also have my endearing side.
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    Re: The Brat

    Tue, June 28, 2005 - 3:03 PM
    Her motivation - attention
    How best to deal with her....that is a more interesting question. Various methods here, spankings, ignoring, lecturing, homework...or all of the above.

    Endearing/Annoying? That depends on how bratty and where. If it is in very annoying...that really shuts me down by embarassing me and then I simmer. Endearing sometimes when we are in private. But mostly annoying.

    I prefer good girls.
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    Re: The Brat

    Tue, June 28, 2005 - 7:29 PM
    Yes the brat, for the one that submits to Me (Sls), her motivation depends on the situation and takes many forms. For her, she is rarely bratty but at times she likes to even the odds and struggles for the power, this is annoying at any time. Punishment is quick and harsh, canning, or public spanking with My shoe with a long lecture of Who's in control. Being a brat in order to get My attention, endearing in a little girl sort of way. Disciplined by OTK and being daddies little girl (the things you can do with felt pens) LoL...As you will soon see rebecca p!
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    Re: The Brat

    Wed, June 29, 2005 - 8:18 PM
    "The Brat"

    ...thinkin' of Rhoda (The Bad Seed) here and she's a brat because she's an egoist. She wants things her way, not anyone elses. Rhoda would never submit to anyone, not even her mother--so when i see 'The Brat' i don't immediately think a sub wanting attention.

    When i think of brats i think of someone strong willed and disgruntled. I deal with strong willed disgruntled people by smiling, cutting to the chase and asking what would make them happy. I don't ask 'what would make you happy' but a number of things that get them to know i sympathize with their not getting their way and i don't tell them they can't have their way--even if they can't, then i try to make them happy somehow.

    If we aren't talking about real grown brats, but pouting foot-stampers then they can be endearing. I like pouts. They never seem to really mean they won't do something--just that they won't do it immediately. Coercion can be fun if everyone understands the brattiness isn't any slight.

    Real grown brats are annoying because my mind can't understand anyone thinking of themselves before others.

    I debated about answering cuz most of these are non D/s relationship based thoughts. But discussion's discussion.

    Have a good evening,
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      Re: The Brat

      Thu, June 30, 2005 - 9:33 AM
      "If we aren't talking about real grown brats, but pouting foot-stampers then they can be endearing. I like pouts. They never seem to really mean they won't do something--just that they won't do it immediately. Coercion can be fun if everyone understands the brattiness isn't any slight."

      Yep, this is who i meant, the usually playful, and only sometimes out of line, sub wanting attention... although i must say i appreciate your thoughts on how to deal with real grown brats. i completely agree and when i have the patience to do so, i engage them in the same manner. And they are annoying... not only because they think of themselves before others, but because they actually believe they are somehow more important than others. When they get self-righteous is when i start to lose patience with them. Mostly though, i feel sorry for them. To me, real brats seem to be grossly unhappy people.

      Thanks for your thoughts Iris.


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