Male/male domestic discipline

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I found this tribe and really liked its premise. I am interested in a domestic relationship that would have been typical in the 50's. However, I'm looking for younger men in which I'm dominant and he is submissive . This would include my "boy" taking care of the household, my sexual needs and being disciplined as necessary. It would also include love and affection but as the Man of the House, mine would always be the last word.

I'm not interested in leather or heavy SM activities which seems to be the main outlet for Dom/sub relationships in the gay world. My interest is much more like the type of husband/wife relationship in the 50's where domestic discipline would not have been unusual. If you check my profile, you'll see my main interest is in a Top Dad/bottom son relationship. However, whether it's a son or a submissive boyfriend/partner, the basics of the relationship would be the same.

Are there others here who share this interest? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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